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Aircraft maintenance is one of the most important activities. Aircraft maintenance is not only about replacing a part that is already damaged; this is also about cleaning and refuelling. Aircrafts have to be maintained and serviced regularly for efficiency, safety and air-worthiness. Aircraft maintenance engineers work under the direct supervision and guidance of Aeronautical engineers for the maintenance of aircraft frame, engine, electrical systems and other ancillary fittings. Mechanics may work on one type of aircraft or on many different types of aircrafts. To optimise efficiency, mechanics are often trained to specialise in electrical systems or to work as pneumatic testers or even as air conditioning mechanics etc.

Aircraft mechanics for two kinds of operations:
Line Maintenance Mechanics:-

  1. Line maintenance mechanics can work on all parts of the aircraft
  2. Guided by flight engineers they carry out complete inspection of the aircraft prior to take off
  3. At airports they make necessary emergency and other required repairs
Overhaul Mechanics:-
  1. Overhaul mechanics are in-charge of carrying out routine maintenance after the required number of flying hours have been completed
  2. Aircraft airframe mechanics are in-charge of overhauling the airframe
  3. Aircraft powerplant mechanics work on the engine

Maintenance may include such tasks as ensuring compliance with Airworthiness Directives. The maintenance of aircraft is highly regulated, in order to ensure safe and correct functioning during flight.

Why Aircraft Maintenance?

  1. Helps avoid lost flights because of failure
  2. To maintain good performance
  3. To ensure passenger safety
  4. Helps extend the life of the aircraft

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