Improving the quality of service in Higher Education, Feb 20, 2019 at 11:00 AM

The higher education of students has become increasingly internationalised, with an ever growing proportion of students originating from overseas. There is a burgeoning need for universities to understand what student value in their university experience. The institution concerned has a particular reputation in tourism and hospitality and a significant proportion of the respondents were studying subjects. Higher education institutions are becoming more aware of the effects of globalization and of the fact that the need for international work experience, as well as partially or fully acquired education abroad, is increasing. The factors influencing international students decision regarding the country and Higher education institutions and to evaluate students’ learning experience and satisfaction with their choice to develop suggestions for the improvement of different dimensions related to the quality and export of higher education.

Responsive websites suit all platforms, from desktops to mobile, have speedy load times and provide comprehensive and visually appealing information. According to research by online marketing site all of these factors determine whether or not a user will stay on your site. Responsive design is especially important in the international recruitment sector, as it ensures that wherever students are in the world; your website will still perform at its best, regardless of the device it’s being displayed on. For international recruiters, securing strong and effective digital platforms is more than just a trend it’s a necessity. These sites are how potential students learn about your offerings, universities and courses– so make sure they can view the information with ease.

Different regions have different motivations for studying abroad. It’s important to have a grasp on these differences before making contact with your various markets. International Recruiting found that the motivations of international students varied by region but generally fell into four categories:

  • To get a good education
  • To explore a different lifestyle
  • To achieve important things
  • To honor family
Recognizing that Higher Education Institutions compete through competitive advantages and high quality of services, evaluation of the quality of service is essential to provide information on the effectiveness of educational plans and improvement programs.  The quality of the academic staff and study programmes are the most important factors in creating value for the student. Higher education quality improvement and development have been structured within economics, culture and quality dimensions into three levels – individual, institutional and state. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd