A stay abroad is probably the best and most enjoyable way to learn about other cultures and yourself. In a short period of time you’ll experience more than you can ever imagine and, in the meantime, you’ll learn a lot, not only about the culture and language but also about yourself. Praxis is the European Centre for Project/Internship Excellence. This Centre for Excellence was created and is being run by the Praxis network, a consortium of higher education institutions, research labs, chamber of commerce and companies all committed to enhance a student’s project/internship experience. Praxis addresses the needs of the academic and professional communities related to the Project / Internship educational paradigm. The main stakeholders include students, companies and higher education institutions and research labs. It is beneficial for students! Find the placement that fits you the most by creating and designing your own dream internship. Praxis help to access to real-life Projects/Internships that are on the cutting edge of technology. Praxis provide opportunities to join international teams, experience team work in an international environment whilst developing your ‘soft skills’.

Praxis is here to help you every step of the way from initial enquiry, to actual internships that you can apply for through to advice on gaining the best long term benefit from your experience. Praxis is a place to look for a consolidation of help on all matters relating to internships including a virtual market place where students can find an internship. Praxis Network programs are allied but differently-inflected humanities education initiatives, mainly focused on graduate training. The Praxis experience is a real job in a real role creating real value. It lasts long enough so that you aren’t just in-and-out at a company

What can Praxis offer you?

  • Vast offer of Academic Projects and Internships that are being continuously submitted by many companies and higher education institutions all over the world.
  • Search facilities that will point you right to the Projects/Internships matching your concrete needs.
  • Valuable experiences and information allowing you to get the most out of your Project/Internship experience.
  • Big community of peers, all facing the same challenges.

UAN partners with Praxis to provide an easy and effective source of Projects/Internships for the students of our partnered agents. Thereby making UAN a complete service package for the student and an ideal recruitment partner for its agents. Once registered a student gets access to an enormous listing of projects and internships offered by top companies and institutions and can find information and support at every stage of their project/Internship as well.

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