Spain officially known as kingdom of Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe with two archipelagoes: Canary Islands & Balearic Islands. Several small islands are also a part of Spanish territory & it is considered as the largest country in Southern Europe. Spain is naturally embellished with high plateaus, Peak Mountains & rivers such as Tagus, Ebro & Minho. The major climatic zones are Mediterranean climate, Semi-arid climate & Oceanic climatic zones of Spain. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, next to Mandarin & it is the official language in all over the country. Around 75% of modern Spanish language is derived from Latin & therefore Spain always follows Latin culture for religious & cultural events.

To develop tomorrow’s business marketing path, Spain is occupied with major Business schools with choice based credit system. Business schools mainly look forward to expand global business world by equipping students with the unique skills and global outlook needed to take on the challenges of the business era. Spain maintains a range of global business, heritage, scientific and cultural partnerships with many countries & therefore it helps students to receive an international exposure in many ways. Public transportation in Spain ranges from modern metros to well-connected speed rails between major Spanish cities, and it's among the best in Europe. Most of the universities provide courses taught in English. On other hand, Students not already proficient in Spanish may consider attending a course of instruction in Spanish before beginning their studies. Spanish institutions offer a wide variety of courses for learning Spanish, from one- month long immersion courses to full academic course. To compensate the expenses, many of the Spanish universities & institutes allow students to work part-time even. Moreover, students can attend internships, workshops & exchange programs to develop their skills. Universities & institutes conduct various events & cultural activities also every year to display Spanish culture more to the people.

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