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The education systems in many countries have traditionally been marks-oriented and with the coercive pressure of burgeoning population of college aspirants, this structure is not going to change but become further deep-rooted. The goal of education is not only to increase the amount of knowledge but to create great possibilities for a child to invent, discover, to do new things and to do so the role of exploring and experiencing beyond the comfort zones are significant for each students. However the style of international education varies widely because it comprises all education involving the relationships among nations, indeed the education at every level has become inseparable from the relations among cultures and nations. Foreign education with its intrinsic high standards and holistic approach towards education makes it a definitive option for students and Western countries focus on the overall personalities and promote creativity. International education opens the door to future success for all those who have eclectic potential, willing to explore beyond the marked boundaries and want an education from a new perspective.  Along with a solid education system, European countries specially offer the most scholarships across the globe. With a proper profile, a student can achieve full scholarships and also waiver on living expenses. These countries have government-funded and are welcoming overseas students to propagate diversity and make their countries alluring to the students who would otherwise prefer the US or the UK.

Knowing what degree fields are being sought after can help global educational consultants to know what programs they should show case in their marketing efforts. However, it is also important to know what degree fields to push in what countries. Most of the Asian students choose to study three most popular degree fields that are business management, engineering and math & computer science. There is not a specific degree that South Korean international students flock to. Instead they have a handful of degrees that are more popular than the others. The most popular degree is Business & Management with 17%, followed by other with 14%. Fine and Applied arts are technically in third with 13%, but Engineering and Social Sciences are close with 12.8% and 12.6% respectively. Recruiting international students is a marketing effort and like all marketing efforts, the more targeted the better result. By marketing specific degrees in specific countries, it makes for a more compelling message. Global education consultants would be marketing their degree-specific programs to students who are interested in the degree fields. By having a more tailored message and focus, consultants could attract more international students to their partnered school and degree programs. This in turn, will help to increase the number of international students studying in the Europe. These are exciting times and the globalised world with an array of opportunities is waiting for the right people to grab them and give them a life of fulfilment in return. It goes without saying that now is the best time to study abroad with options available that suit every individual's requirement. For offering the right options for the right students, it needs a research or analysis on what to offer to whom. As such it will be a response to the reassessment of the International education goals which will make it effective in all the way possible.

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