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Italy’s historic treasures and magnificent cuisine continue to draw visitors as they have done for centuries. From the snow-capped Dolomites in the North to the warm maritime Mediterranean culture of the South, Italy’s regions are diverse and exciting. For the international student seeking world-class but affordable education, with a wide range of social and leisure activities, few countries are as exciting a choice as Italy. Heart of the Roman Empire, birthplace of the Renaissance, and homeland of the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church, Italy has made multitudinous contributions to Western Civilisation. Italy is one of the eight wealthiest countries in the world and the most fascinating international tourist destination. Italy is an exhilarating place-the blend of antediluvian and contemporary. Italy is one of the Europe’s most captivating destinations. Italy has places full of innate beauty and serenity amidst the bustling cities, whose architecture and sights will amaze students. It offers quality higher education with more affordable tuition fees than other Western European countries. It’s perhaps not surprising that many international students feel instantly at home in Italy. Studying at a prestigious Italian university will in all likelihood increase your chances of getting snapped up by a top recruiter in Italy or your home country.

Universities in Italy were founded in the 12th century making them the oldest in the Western world. The reorganization of the Italian education system originated the new concept of University institutions across the rest of Europe. With its strong historical aura, breath-taking sites and diverse natural landscape Italy are sure to provide international students an enriching cultural experience. The fields of design, architecture, fashion, applied sciences and arts lie at the forefront of Italy's domain of higher education. Italy has played an important role in recent reform of higher education. This reform is known as the “Bologna Process”. The country is one of the four countries that created the European Area of Higher Education. This was formed by signing the Sorbonne Declaration in 1998, which was to be the first step in the higher education reform. Today the Bologna Process is now being implemented throughout Europe. While the cost of accommodation and living can be high in large cities like Rome or Milan, smaller cities are much cheaper. Larger universities usually offer support in finding accommodation; with luck you might get a place in a cheap student home. Italians are known to be welcoming, open people. You will make local friends quickly. And they will teach you that eating out and enjoying high-quality, healthy food are fundamental to la dolce vita (“the sweet life”) for every Italian. Cultural activities include everything from traditional local festivals to major international sporting events. Italian night life is always lively, especially in cities. In summer, the majority of people head for the sea or countryside. For quality of life, unforgettable, charming Italy provides value for any student. Although you will get by with only a handful of words and phrases in Italian, English is not widely spoken outside the academic context, and you will definitely benefit from taking some lessons in Italian before and during your stay. That is especially true if you should decide to stay and work in Italy after graduation. An international student in Italy is allowed to work part-time and full-time. Many Italian students go for part time work to help support themselves while studying. Compared to other countries in the southern part of Europe, life in Italy starts and ends late in the evening. At 8 p.m. the streets are full of life, and sometimes this is the time when life just begins. In many other European cities, at 6 p.m., the city looks like it switched off all of a sudden. There are no people around anymore and the ambient was really driving us to depression. This is definitely not going to happen in Italy!

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