Hungary, a beautiful country located at the heart of the European continent is home to World Heritage sites and is known for its legendary food and hospitality. Hungary shares its borders with European countries that are renowned for their picturesque beauty. There are a range of trails and mesmerizing places to explore in the country. This ex-Soviet country has managed to preserve its unique national heritage and historical architecture. It’s full of beautiful buildings, streets and towns where you can truly feel the Old European spirit still going on beneath the trappings of modern society and globalization. The historical monuments, rich cultural life, festival, craft markets and traditional events make this place alluring in the eyes of international students.

There are a plethora of options available to the students who wish to study in Hungary. The universities of Hungary are becoming increasingly popular with international students. There are over 25 universities in Hungary that offer bachelor’s programs. The student life in this country is bound to be spectacular. The qualifications obtained from Hungarian universities are recognized all over the European Union as well as elsewhere. The popular fields amongst international students are engineering, veterinary programs, pharmaceuticals, and dentistry. There is as well a multitude of options for business and marketing students. Thousands of students visit Hungary each year for the purpose of gaining an educational degree. This makes it an international city where you get to meet people from all over the world. All universities have some kind of student union or a local buddy system that helps international students in socializing.

Budapest is one of the popular destinations amongst students. It is an inexpensive city that offers plenty of opportunities to students looking for an amazing student life.

Relatively low cost of living

The best thing about studying in Hungary is that the cost of living is reasonable which makes it an ideal destination for students who are on a tight budget. 600 Euros per month is sufficient to stay in Hungary including the monthly rent.

Great student life

Hungary offers an incredible student life. Students throng cafes, eateries, and libraries during the day time. There is a huge number of clubs, live music venues, and bars in the city that serve as centres for socializing for international students. Numerous events and festivals keep happening in the country that offers an incredible experience to the students.
Hungary is a safe country although awareness is essential while residing in the country. Care should be exercised while at clubs, bars, restaurants, and taxis. In addition, make use of your student identity card in a smart way. A lot of discounts and offers are offered to the students in Hungary on cinema tickets and while using public transport facilities.
Compared to other popular European study destinations like France or Germany, Hungary really offers the chance to experience local culture and traditions. The country certainly has a lot to offer. Being part of a unique platform like UAN unites every need that helps to reach and fulfil your ambitious goal of recruiting qualified students to top universities in Hungary. Join UAN to pave your way to success. © 2016-2017| All Rights Reserverd