With more than decade of experience in international education sector UAN made connections with dozens of top level higher education institutions worldwide

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Today students may choose from a big number of universities and colleges worldwide starting with traditional study abroad countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Germany or Sweden to less known destinations as Czech Republic, France, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary or Slovakia.

Our partner Educators offer undergraduate (Bachelor’s) and graduate (Master’s and PhD) study courses not only in English language which is number one in the education sector, but also in French, German, Spanish, etc.
Within UAN we have created a network of Educators who can offer top quality courses, balanced tuition fees and scholarships, international students friendly on and off campus environment.

We aim to cover all fields of study to meet diverse demand of the Students:

iocn Agriculture & Forestry
iocn Business & Management
iocn Arts, Design & Architecture
iocn Computer Science & IT
iocn Education & Training
iocn Engineering & Technology
iocn Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences
iocn Hospitality, Leisure & Sports
iocn Humanities & Culture
iocn Journalism, Media & Communication
iocn Law
iocn Medicine & Health
iocn Natural Sciences & Mathematics
iocn Social Sciences

Searching for Your Ideal Course on UAN Study Portal You Will Find Additional Attributes such as

 double or joint degree programmes (which means the study programme is taught by two or more institutions and you can gain from studying in several countries and graduating from several universities or colleges at the same time);

 diploma programmes(usually 2 years short programmes which give you an insight to the chosen field and grants you the right to enter the labour market);

 exchange programmes (special offers allowing the Student to study a semester or two in another institution within the same study course to increase international experience, knowledge, learning new cultures and languages and creating wider contact pool. The most popular exchange programme is       known under the name of Erasmus which gave an impact to spread this practise globally);

 preparatory courses (if your education background is not sufficient to start degree studies right away, you may bridge this gap attending preparatory language, engineering or other subject course before you are admitted to the degree programme), etc.

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Even though English became No.1 teaching language across the globe, knowing other languages gives competitive advantage to each human being in todays globalised world. Languages are often considered as an important tool within a person that defines his capability to multitask with the best of it, when they travel around the world, do businesses or work as an international client relationship manager for a company and more.

The biggest factor that needs to be considered while learning a language is choosing the best one that matches your interest and objective. Like Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, German, etc. Once that is done, UAN will help the student to choose the right schools considering different internal and external factors. Hence there goes in a lot of thought process and understanding a wide range of factors that needs to be considered while choosing a language school.

For the same we have our experienced panel of education consultants serving you with the essential mentoring and counselling sessions, to ensure that your language learning motives are brought into a pragmatic phase while being objectified to a career path which can be very fruitful to your future. Such a decision involves the right language, the right school, the right destination, right culture and the perfect environment to make it a remarkable experience. We at UAN, help you achieve it in the best ways possible.

Note that many Educators along with the degree studies in English or other languages offer local language courses, take this opportunity and benefit from a widened up access to internship and job opportunities during and after graduation.


Summer/Winter courses (SWC) is a non-traditional learning curriculum, scheduled for a short season and doesn't quite follow the normal structured routines of a classroom. It leaves room for a lot of experimentation, innovation and urges, the students pursuing such sessions to ooze out creativity in every minute they spend for such a learning activity. SW courses are intense, and durations may vary from two to eight weeks.

The basic objective of SWV is to bring in a variety. For the same, colleges & universities that offer such courses come with a wide range of specialisations and bring in a mix diverse group of students by inviting them from various institutions to apply. This ensures that the sessions are always live and is filled with diverse learning groups with different opinions. This will also kick in the necessary intellectual sessions by bringing in potential professionals, artists, teachers, scholars and experts from across the globe to meet and teach under one platform. The SWC sessions will be complied with design thinking techniques, problem and/or project-based learning techniques, practice oriented workshops, travel and opportunities that enable the students to acquire specific set of skills.

Together with new competences, the graduate of SWC receives graduation certificate and academic credits which may be transferred or counted at home university.


International experience together with the intercultural communication, adaptation and other competences acquired by the graduate is one of the most competitive advantages in todays’ labour market.

Both the companies and the education institutions offer internships (practical experience during the studies or right after graduation) to international students as well. So why not to take this chance and be trained by the employee you want to work with later on, or to get the best practices from world known company so you can apply them in your own.

At UAN, we understand this and truly believe the fact that practice makes integration into the labour market better, easier and faster. With UAN you will always find the best fit for your further career.

Moreover, if you are still doubting what field of studies to choose, grab an opportunity to be guided by the experts from various companies, education institutions and public organisations.

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