UAN connects education consultants with educators and students, and expands global reach by introducing
innovative e-marketing solutions and a tool to optimise recruitment business

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Better Focus on Student Satisfaction, Comfort and Ease of Responsibilities

UAN with a backup of more than a decade long experience in student recruitment services around the world, has used its sheer knowledge and expertise to unite education consultants in the world and offer them a business cost saving solutions for cooperation with world class educators, customised promotion campaigns, an access to diversified prospective applicants and processing of their applications.

UAN acts as a virtual platform for the abroad education consultants that shares accurate information and data essential to vitalise the agency and become a potential recruitment partner for all the educators. Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software assists to manage your operations from marketing, promotion to recruitment and even managing your branches. With a fail proof application like UAN, we can guarantee that your business conversion rates will sky rocket in no time.


Community of Prestigious Consultants

UAN gained a name of trustful partner among Educators as we invest in the growth and development of partnering International student recruitment agents. With UAN Certification process, we ensure that you as UAN partner are closely trained through our proficiency programmes, valid and relevant workshops, and ensures that you are very well equipped to handle the relevant recruitment scenarios. Besides, we guarantee a repute that spreads your services with Educators and Students with prime importance and recognition of our standards that gives you an edge over the competition.

End-to-End Automation of Recruitment Process (ERP)

With ample experience in this industry, UAN is glad to incorporate automation in recruitment process for Education Consultants in such a way that their valuable sales funnels are completely automated and does keep on pumping more business conversions. With Enterprise Planning Resource (ERP) features like real-time analytics of individual and overall applications, systematic alerts, follow ups, interview schedules and online consultations with students and educators, customised promotional campaigns assures a streamlined business model that guarantees standards and proficiency for the partners through UAN.

Expertise Hub

Having more than decade of experience in international education market UAN strives to minimise the challenges Education Consultants are facing in a very competitive environment and assists them by offering collected expertise, markets intelligence data, global network of educators and automated services.

The strength of UAN is the know-how of growing respectful, long-term oriented international education consultants, transfer of knowledge and values through training by certified coaches, representatives of universities and cooperation.

-Marketing Solutions

In 2016 UAN launched the first online events tool designed for international education market, and now we offer several e-marketing solutions under the e-Scheduler platform. e-Scheduler allows the Education Consultants to perform students’ consultation & training online, to conduct webinars to prospective students on whatever topic or university, to gather their own webinars participants and invite prospective new ones from registered users. The platform is approved by Educators to train UAN Education Consultants about their institutions, courses, admission requirements etc. With UAN, you can be promoted, exploited and enhanced with more business opportunities and direct students’ leads via a mix of our online and offline solutions.

Global Network of Educators

UAN not only connects agents with universities worldwide but also assists to maintain long term relationship.

Currently we have about 50 Educators under our network in the continental Europe, UK, USA, Canada, even in some Southern Asian countries. They offer a wide range of study programmes and courses from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, from summer schools to internships, from diploma to 1 year exchange. In this way we guarantee that each of your applicant may find the best fit for studies depending on priorities, educational background and financial resources.

Successful Applications

Being a UAN partner, student’s priorities and qualification is not a factor the Education Consultant have to be worried about.

Our team has expertise in the admission requirements of all UAN universities therefore you will have all relevant information and training forehead planning your marketing campaign. Furthermore, our Admission support team will consult you about the admission deadlines, additional requirements and guide you for the best study programme/university/country fit to each applicant.

International Branding

UAN is a unique platform that automates international student recruitment and business promotions for its partners. Our subscribed Education Consultants get automated branding and promotion support for enhancing their market reach, thereby eliminating the need to access third party services.
This is done by promoting the UAN certified agent’s consultancy on the UAN website, social media, newsletters, events, seminars & webinars, road shows, FAM trips, etc.


UAN cares about each partner individually. Even though we unite big network of Educators and Education Consultants, personalisation and individual assistance are the key tools to reach individual goals and expectations of each partner and to keep the network efficient and competitive. Personal UAN manager is assigned to each our partner to set individual KPIs in terms of recruitment, together they decide on individual marketing solutions, carefully select Educators, review admission requirements, target countries, applicants’ profile and so on. Personal UAN manager is one-window to the marketing solutions, applications processing and students’ enrolments. The filters installed into UAN processes, enable our partners to enjoy satisfaction in all its services that projects nothing but business conversions in the desired time.

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